Mr. Mobley’s Tahini Sauces are delectable, exceptionally versatile toppings and marinades.  The ingredient blend complements a wide variety of delicious foods; from rice and vegetables, and stir-fry dishes to elaborate cuisine.  Nourishing sauces that satisfy the tastes of children and adults alike.  Sublime flavors of tahini, soy sauce or tamari, lemon juice, maple syrup and garlic – with cayenne in the versions with heat.  Delicious on most any savory food – try them on chicken, rice, stir fries, fish, sandwiches, salads, pork, tofu, pasta, potatoes, beef and vegetables.

Mr (Neal) Mobley’s longstanding passion for preparing and sharing food, and the search for an initiative to complement his teaching schedule, landed him at the Bayview Farmers Market on Whidbey Island in 2005.  Mr. Mobley’s Tahini Sauce was initially developed as a salad dressing.  With the extraordinary reception of the dressing Mr. Mobley decided to bottle and sell the Original and Original with Heat sauces at markets and online.  His food market food menu developed to include a variety of now locally legendary soups, and dishes well suited to the sauces.  Interest in offering food to those with wheat and gluten dietary concerns led to the development of the Wheat and Gluten Free products.

A partnership with Leigh Bloom was struck in 2009 with the mutual intention of solidifying the scope of the business and expanding the region of distribution.  The sauce retail outlet list is steadily expanding with sales in 115 stores in Washington, Oregon and California along with continuing mail order business.

Please enjoy these remarkable sauces!



  1. I LOVE the Tahini Sauce w/heat! It’s good any way you use it! Even spread on top of crackers, it’s delicious! It has so much flavor and just enough heat.

  2. My 1 year old is just crazy about it and so am I.

  3. My husband and I found your wonderful Tahini at our local Food Emporium in Lynnwood and our whole family absolutely loves it. I’m especially happy that you offer gluten-free versions as well!

    My husband makes the most gorgeous hummus using Mr.Mobleys and we’re happy to keep as a household staple.

  4. Mr. Mobley, your sauces are amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by Chug-A-Lug Coffee today. I can’t wait to surprise Pj with more of your sauces. She loves them!!!

    Be safe in your travels.


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