Please tell us where you have taken or sent Mr.Mobley’s Tahini Sauce.  The sauce has traveled to many of the United States and I am aware of the following places abroad:

Canada, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Russia.

Use the comment box below to help us keep track of the sauce’s travels. Be sure to mention where you are writing from.



  1. Hi Mr Mobley,
    I tried your sauce last summer when I was visiting my parents on Whidbey Island (I live in Australia). It was sooooo good and has stuck in my mind ever since. I enjoy cooking and have tried to make some homemade tahini sauce and hommus but nothing tastes close to your awesome recipes!

  2. I visited my folks in Virginia and thought they’d like to try your tahini w/ heat. They loved it, using it on salad dressings and even a substitute for soy sauce in their asian dishes! Can we order by the bulk? I’d like to make sure they always have a bottle at hand. Oh and kudos for starting the gluten free version! I have a friend from Texas who also visited me and I was really excited that I could share the sauce for her considering her gluten-free diet!–Oak Harbor, WA

  3. I plan on sharing your dressings with friends and family in Salt Lake City during the holidays. I have been telling them about your wonderful recipies for months. 🙂

  4. Mr. Mobley’s wheat free version is a big hit nestled in the cornfields of Iowa. Also went over like crazy in Juneau, AK. I plan on getting an amulet to wear around my neck so as to take it everywhere with me. Just kidding…sort of.

  5. Mr. Mobley,

    You’ll be happy to hear that your sauce is a favorite of my daughter’s and she takes some home with her to Bergen, Norway every time she comes to visit. She is especially fond of your Gluten Free variety. My compliments to the chef!

    Your friend,


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